Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome to our World

Welcome to the adventures of Peanut Butter and Jenny! All of us pet owners think we have the best pet, we would be bad parents if we didn't! And I'm no exception. Not only is my cat beautiful (and everyone tells her so) she is absolutely hysterical. She get's herself into so many situations daily--I'm glad to work from home now so I can keep my eye on her.
She was a little tiny grey fluffball when we got her and her name was supposed to be GiGi--to stand for little Grey Goose to go along with my roommate's cat Bailey. But it never stuck. PShe was so little I found myself always calling her my little Peanut. Plus, her grey and white started turning brown. And one day I called her Peanut Butter and it's been my pet name for her ever since.
It is known to change daily. Last week I decided Ravioli was a cute name and tried that. She wanted no part of it though. She does, however, respond to Ferret, Monkey, Crazy Monkey, Monster, Evil Monster/monkey, munchkin, pumpkin, muffin, fuzzbutt, fluff, and pretty girl.

She is extremely narotic and downright strange sometimes but the funniest thing about her is her skittishness. She has come out of her shell in the last months but mostly she is a big scaredy cat and aloof. She truly hates being touched although she has gotten better about it and will let me cuddle her for a few seconds at a time. And she is extremely camera shy. She HATES it and usually flees the moment I take it out.

So I invite you to join us on her adventures as I try to capture them on film. No guarantees though, she's quick and she hides!

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