Saturday, January 31, 2009

furry-ocious photo hunt

today's photo hunt word is furry. i thinks we already determined that i can doos furry wiff my eyes closed! thaz no challenge!
so instead, i shows you furry-OCIOUS! no iz photo though. iz better! iz me in a movie!!!!!! (iz a little dark, i iz sorry!)

Friday, January 30, 2009

find peanut butter friday part deux!

iz time for another round of
i telled you already in the first round that i iz good hider! mommy no thinks so but i bets you no finds me! i gets lots of practiss cuz the pawpurr-yahtzee flashy box always be stalkin me. and mommy alwayz wants cuddles. so i hides lots.
i shows you pics and you sees if you can sees me. good lucks!
remember to keep tracks so yous can tells me how many y
ou getted!

1. if you haz pawpurr-yahtzee trying to use the flashy box, use something to cover your face immediately. you no wants to get on cover of the Inquirer!

2. hide where humans least expect it. use their surroundings and favorite things as hiding places and they will never suspect! hehe! no finds me here!

3. i cannot stress this enuff--like i sez last time. hides under things then they no finds you cuz is covered up! (another good point here is that you is ready to jumps out and attack if necessary)
4. while you iz hiding, turn on your "night vision laser eyes" then you can sees if they is coming after you!

5. now this one is tough, i know. but i iz there. i iz stressing the point that you always dress the part. the right clothes can provide the perfect cover should the pawpurr-yahtzee tries to gets you.

how many peanut butters did you finded?
0 peanut butters: see? i iz best hider!
1 peanut butters: lucky guess.....
2 peanut butters: did yous practice wiff Where's Waldo first? cuz thaz cheating
3 peanut butters: did mommy tell youz where i iz??
4 peanut butters: you iz liar.
5 peanut butters: wow. what iz you? an international secret kitty spy or somefin? ***
(***if you iz, i may haz secret mission for you! i iz gonna make my own international kitty spies!!)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i can haz helps!

as prezident and ceo of peanut butter n jenny i haz lots of responsibilities and stuffs to do. cuz i iz such good worker, i sometimes i haz to helps on other sites too. like mommy's. also cuz if i no helps her, it no gets done! she needs a good "whap, whap" sometimes to gets her going!

here i iz helping mommy wiff her new template on her work page Stiletto Sports.

"mommy, it needs more Pink! and a new logo. and where is all the floof?? and why there no iz pictures of me???"

you iz done now! now go MY page. you sez we redo MY page next. and i wants goes see MY friends now!

i iz good boss. but all that work sure maked me sleepies.

From Jenny: I FINALLY just launched my new template over at Stiletto Sports! There is still a lot of tweaking but its up and running if you want to take a look! It's sports----but very pink and sparkly :) Lots of stuff for the Super Bowl this weekend---or there will be as the weekend ges on-- since I live pretty close.

And PB is right, I did promise I would work on her page next.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sad mommy and a kitty belly

mommy no haz good day yesterday. she writed an article about a lady named Kay Yow who got really sickies and went to the rainbow bridge (i thinks thats where humans go too, right?). then mommy getted really sad cuz it reminded her of her own mommy. and when she was done, she finded out that her friend in germany haz to moves home to new yorks cuz her daddy is dying and she is coming home to be wiff him---like when i goed wiff mommy to new yorks for a while last year to be with grandma.

today i iz just cuddling wiff mommy and lets her hugs me lots whenever she wants. i no hits her. i even climbed up on her and laid on her chest and head last night while she was sleepies. but i think she thought i was trying to suffer-cat her with my floof....and i gived her my floofy kitty belly cuz they is magical and makes peoples feel all better. and she agreed so we shares wiff all of you!
i promises we comes round to everyone later today! i tells mommy it make her feel all better to see all my furry friends and she agrees!

Monday, January 26, 2009

madison the maniac

i waz gonna haz modeling monday cuz goma and sachie putted me on kitty bellies this weekend (yay!!!!) i waz gonna show you some more of my fierce poses... but mommy telled me her sissy is having a really bad time wiff some stuff so we wants to do somefin for her instead.

i gives you my couzin: madison the maniacnow don't be fools. i know madison no looks like furry-ocious maniac in that picture but i tells you, i sees what she doos to her toys and she is crazy puppy.

warning: the following video may not be suitable for kitties of all ages..... it is rated PG-13 for excessive violence towards unsuspecting toys.

see i tells you, madison the furry-ocious maniac! or as mommy calls her the wooly-mam-mouth. whatever that means.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

kitty bellies and sunday mornings!

now i was gunna gives you another sunday funnies like last week wiff my morning routine wiff mommy, but i haz so many of yous tells me i haz pretty kitty belly that i decides to shows you it again!
look! there is it iz all floofy! i no nose how mommy and the flashy box getted it cuz i keeps it pretty well hidden...... but maybe i tries out this modeling thing like goma and daisy tells me bouts!

see, i iz smiling wiff my eyes? do i looks fierce?