Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i iz MIA kitty!

hi furry buddies
i iz so sorriez i no comes seez yous and you no haz new adventures of me :(
iz been not so good here.

first mommy getted really really busies wiff work. but she promises she helps me bloggie soon. she just getted people wanting her to write for them. she sez that is good cuz maybe soon she makes money and we no haz to go to the poor house. i no wants to move there. i likes my house wiff stairs and hiding closets and the lanai wiff lizards.

then mommies car get deaded. that was no good. though mommy kept laughing very hard. somefthing bout her car turning 50,0003 and dying. that sounds old but she telled me no, its very young car.
but i no see the funnies! i had no kitty food and mommy no could go get! i almost starved. luckily mommy goed to Oscar's mommy's house and she gived us some kitty food. and mommy camed back smelling like man cat.

then mommy getted really sick. i iz worried. she no can work. she no can play. she no can gets red mouse from under the couch. she has a 'pain in the tushy' she called it. and she no can sits. so she can only use computer for lil bits at a time.

u no worries. i takes good care of her. every night i comes downstairs, eats my snack and go sits near her to keeps her company. and remind her iz time to comes visit all my friends!

i may be gone for lil bit but i bees back! and i still comes read all your bloggies! mommy tries every night to show me my faves as my bedtime stories! even if i no leaves comments--i iz checkin on all your adventures!

oh, can u please send purrs for mommy just in case?