Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day!

happy valentine's day! love peanut butter

hehe just kidding! here i iz! i iz dreamin bout Oscar (my neighbor mancat) and willie...*blush*

then mommy getted me up cuz she said she had treats and presents for me!!!! (if you look closely you see Mr Bear is reaching out to touch my floofs again...what am i gonna do wiff him!)

look at all my presents!!

mommy getted special "shoe" plates and she gived me one for my own food! it has a human on it but iz okay cuz she looks like kitty almost and she has pretty shoes and bag. you know i love bags! and i getted stinky goodness and tempt-tay-shuns! i no haz before! i iz so excited. this is best day ever.

and then....

mommy tried to put me in a red dress. that did not go well. i did get lots of treats coming soon

Friday, February 13, 2009

a valentine's warning!

*sigh* i used to hears the expression be careful whats you wish for but i no nose what it meant. i wish for food, i gets food. i wish for red mouse, i gets red mouse. until...

i wished for mommy to pays attention to me and doos something special for love day.
See? Here i iz just helping mommy works...hoping to get my turn to blog...all nice and comfy no bothering no one

and then...things started to appear next to me
first a big heart which was okay cuz iz a pillow and waz kinda nice and squishy

but then i getted company. Mr Bear has come back from his vacation to the box in the closet named "valentines day decorations"

first i iz happy. sometimes i loves mr bear like my boyfriend.

but then mommy decided pose us together to use the flashy box. this no iz what i haz in mind when i wished for mommy to do somefin wiff me!!

*sigh* why do humans think this is funny?

ps-- thank you to everyone who waz worried that i loosed my ear or the flashy box stoled it! i getted real skared cuz it could happen!!! but i waz just hiding it to scare mommy cuz i was mad at her. see, i still haz them boff!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WW: Not happy!

if i iz a puppy i haz a bone to pick wiff mommy. i iz not happy kitty. See:

i iz so mad i no can be wordless. she been so busy she no doos mothin for me! she no plays. i no gets to blog.
I missed the inaug.... in-aw-grrr-a-shun... the big party for (Mistress)of Floofy Affairs Praline (and rest of royal court)
and i missed daisy's ffiff purrday!
AND i no gets to doos anything fun for love day this week. she promised i gets to do special cards and treats for my friend but she no doos.... :(

no iz happy wiff mommy AT ALL.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


quick help! I have a friend flying from Germany to the US with a cat on Wednesday and vets are closed. Does anyone know a safe way to sedate her kitty? She got permission to have her fly in the cabin with her but she want's something calm.
I always use Rescue Remedy but I'm not sure she has access!
thank you!

and sorry about the lack of posts. Having a very bad and hectic time!