Saturday, April 18, 2009

shhhh don't tell mommy!

hi every furry buddies!!
i sneaks on and comes to says hi :)
thank you so much for all the love while i bees gone!

i misses yous so much and i keeps trying to gets mommy to come back and doos my site.
i sits and stares at her from across the room, lots. she no likes that.

mommy getted better and she no i sickies. she just has big case of the busies. she keeps getting good ideas and they takes up all her time which i like cuz she no chases me round house and tries to pets me lots. but no iz fun cuz i no gets to tells you all my stories! and i haz lots!!!!

i try to tell her that i iz bestest idea she ever had and focus on me but she just laughed.

she says maybe i can starts coming back once a week to play!! i really hopes so. but she also telled me she would get Red Mouse from under the couch and that was two months ago and i just getted her back today.

silly humans.

but till i gets back you no worries! we is good! and mommy still signs on and reads all my fave bloggies to me for bedtime stories whenever she can!

love, lots of floof and kitty kisses
your friend
peanut butter