Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sybil II: A Cat Named Peanut Butter

I think I may have to give you a warning. As you read on, you may notice a slight...schizophrenic Peanut Butter's stories. Sometimes, she sounds like a sweet little innocent kitten. And others, she is a diabolical little gremlin.
Welcome to the daily life with my multi-personality kitty! You never know what kitty you are going to get. Hours can go by and she is a cuddly love muffin and then something doesn't go her way--like me telling her, "no, please don't scratch the new couch" or "time to come inside, I'm getting cold and want to close the window" and look out! Crazy Gremlin-like monster comes out.

There are three distinct personalities I have discovered so far. Can you tell which one she is in this pic?
1. Love Muffin Bunny: the eternal kitten inside her. Wanting to play and be silly and loves Mommy more than anything in the world! (she is my favorite)
2. Princess GiGi: She is slightly disdainful with a touch of royal airs. She sits regally on her many thrones about the house and truly cannot understand how a minion like yourself can think you are worthy of touching her. Tends to say "I'm pretty" or "look at my pretty tail."
3. Stewie. Aka Gremlin, Crazy Monster, Evil Monkey. Appears when cameras are around, Mommy tells her no or attempt to scold her, humans don't give her bites of their human food, or something just snaps inside her. Tends to speak like Stewie from Family Guy, plotting to kill or at least maim anyone around her. Hits, bites, scratches and is downright vicious.


Fisher said...

I am going to guess this is Stewie. All looks calm except the look in the eyes. Something is definitely going on in that head and the feet will soon follow.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Oh, I thought this was her Princess royalty pose. She really is lovely. That's funny she's so moody.

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

haha it was kind of a little bit of it all. She was DEFINITELY being regal on her throne. But it could have gone either way---I wasn't brave enough to dangle my fingers and find out if she was being playful or crazy! thanks for coming by!