Friday, July 17, 2009

i iz a daddy's girl!

Today i iz gonna tells you about my daddy. i spend lots of time talking bout mommy cuz she is the one that feeds me, plays wiff me, pets me, takes me to the vet, cuddles me (against my will), gives me treats (not as many as i would like...), lets me play outside, getted me a boyfriend, designs my blog, changes my poopies and makes sure i iz loved. Oh and dresses me up in stoopid outfits.

i love mommy but i iz very much a daddy's girl. i iz very loyal to him even though he no touches me or feeds me. every time i hear his voice i comes running from wherever i iz hiding. he has bestest voice in the whole wide world. i can sit and listen to him for hours.

my favorite bedtime story is the story of when mommy meeted him for the first time. "Once upon a time, beautiful Princess Jennifer goed all the way to Tally-Lassie in a quest to meet the man of her dreams. Her soulmate. And on that magical night, the stars aligned and the princess getted to meet her Prince Charming. And it was the bestest day of her whole life. And in that moment, cuz the princess loved the prince so very much wiff all of her heart, her love created somefin very, very special: a precious child to cherish all her life"

That's ME!!!!

mommy's seen him a few times since then but she says he is a very busies man. he travels lots. i never even gets to meets him before. mommy says he is very, very handsome. i did seen him once on the talking box in the living room and he looks like a very nice daddy. and she telled me she still loves him very, very much. Oh, and she says his name is Chris Dot-Tree.

so how do i gets to hear his voice all the time? well, i'm not sure how she dood it but mommy getted his voice into her lappy-top! Here! You can listen too! and somehow she getted it into her car cuz when she taked me to get's paid, he was talking to me the whole way to the vet to keeps me calm.

iz my biggest dream that one day i goes and meets my daddy, Chris Dot-Tree and he says to me "i've not always been the best (dad), a friend to you, but your love remains true.... i'm going home, to the place where i belong, where your love has always been enough for me." Then i can tells him how much i loves him too.

[Jenny's Notes: I've worshipped Chris Daughtry since he was on American Idol. I was obsessed with his first album. The first year he toured, I saw him 5 times in concert...including a small show in Tallahassee, Fl (5hrs away from me) where I got to actually meet & talk to him.

Peanut Butter was born on May 1, 2007, the same day I met Daughtry. Six weeks later, my roommate brought home this little ball of fluff to live with us! And that little ball of fluff quickly became my little child.

And for the last 2 years, every time I play his music, she turns into a mushmellow. I started to really notice this trend when the band was on American Idol as guest this past season. I picked her up to dance (which she HATES) and she was entranced by the television. She kept twisting around to look at him. It was too funny. Since then, she comes running whenever I turn on his songs, no matter how loud I blast them. Anyone else, she bolts and hides far away.

I've been listening to him almost daily for over 2 years...and he's the only male voice that she hears that regularly. Made me really wonder what she must be thinking...

oh! And for the record, Mr. Daughtry never posed with Peanut Butter. That is just product of me having too much time to play on PhotoShop! But the last photo with me & him is, in fact, very real!]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i getted's paid!

hi every furry bodies!!!!

iz been sooooo long since i gets to talks to you! i tells you whats been going on.

First, i iz 2 now! i had my purrday a while ago and it was lots of fun! See:

then i finally get's paid! i kept getting all hot every two weeks. mommy liked it cuz i would cuddles her and plays wiff her feet but i was no happy! See:

finally mommy getted enuff money to takes me to the vet to get's paid.

that was a very very very bad day. i no getted any food or water for hours! mommy closed all my drinking bowls and takes away all my food. i thoughts i was going to starve to death. [Um. she didn't have food from midnight till 7am. hardly starvation!]

mommy getted up really early and made me gets up too even though i waz dreamin of red mouse. i knew somefin was up cuz my fun playbox [also known as PB's carrier, but she loves it to play in it] was out. and everytime i goes near it, mommy getted close to me like she wanted to pick me up.

then she tricked me! she said "wanna treat?" and i waz starvin! I no eats in furrever!
but there was only a trick, no treats. She scooped me up and stuffed me in my playbox and threw me in the car!

then we getted to the vet. it was very noisy. lots of puppies barking and kitties crying. i waz very skared cuz they took me from mommy and she no gets to say good bye to me! then she left me there all day!
and mommy said the vet would be a nice lady that would say "peanut butter you are the prettiest, most fluffiest kitty in the world" cuz look, i iz:

but no one said that. they poked me wiff lots of needles cuz i needed my shots too. at least mommy had getted red mouse for me and puts her in my playbox to makes me feel safe! then....

bad things happened. i not like get's paid. when mommy finally comed to get me, i was not a happy kitty.

mommy said i looked like a drowned rat. or like someone named Bambi when they iz first borned and was all wobbly. and i was "loopy" See:

so i iz a big girl now!! i iz 2 and i get's paid and my tummy is all healed up. and i haz a boyfriend. his name is Oscar and lives two doors away from me. mommy goes there lots and comes home smelling like mancat lots. he is very handsome!

oh! i didn't tell you worst part bout when i get's paid! They stealed lots of my floofs!!!!!! they taked away most of my pretty kitty belly. i no lets mommy looks at my belly for weeks cuz she always sez that was my bestest part. and my pretty tail. and my lil pink nose. but look! my floofs is back:

i still haz lots to tells you so i gonna try to come back lots more! i misses you (and so does mommy!) especially to Sweet Praline, Daisy & Harley, Grrreta & Crew, & Goma! Mommy telled me lots of my friendz is no longer blogging :( so if you haz some new furry friends to recommend please let me know!