Tuesday, January 20, 2009

calling all our furry friends: We need advice

Hey everyone, actually need some advice! We already did our post for the day but I needed to pick everyone's brain.
Peanut Butter is in heat!
I have not gotten her fixed yet because she is an indoor (lanai excluded!) cat and I think I'd like her to have kittens in the future. She really isn't big on other animals so I think the only way I could add would be if she made her own. Ha, even then, I'm not so sure....

Please no one yell at me for that! Even if I decided today no more kitties, I really can't afford the vet visit. She's lucky she still gets wet food. A brand new freelance writer does not make very much money!

So my question is, what can I do to ease her discomfort? Any tricks or food or something that would be soothing to her? This is the one time when she is a big cuddle muffin and wants me to hold her and touch her so I do that a lot.

Any feedback would be a big help! (but not if you are scolding me! I'm already having a bad day)
We both thank you!


Niko and Cloud said...

There isn't much you can do, unfortunately, besides giving her a comfortable place to lie down and plenty of attention.

Now, I assure you I am not scolding or judging you, but some advice: I can totally understand wanting to breed your cat, but if you aren't able to afford the spay, you certainly will not be able to afford to breed her right away. Also, there is a lot that goes into breeding properly, that is quite time-consuming and expensive.

I strongly suggest that you do a google search for low-cost spay clinics in your area and once she is out of heat, have her spayed. And then by all means, if at a later time you have the ability to do so, get a cat that you have thoroughly vetted for it's breeding capabilities. It's really not fair to the cat (or your ears!) to have her go through heats unless she is being bred- it's very stressful on you and them. If you want to breed a cat, you need to do it right away and then have them spayed when you are done- anything else is really unfair to the cat.

I say none of this to judge you, but rather to help you and your cat.

Niko and Cloud said...

Also, there are many loving kitties on the cat blogosphere, and I'm sure if you put a donate button on your blog and asked, they would help you out with the cost of the spay.

DEBRA said...

we don't think there is a lot that you can do...we will keep both of you in ours purrs


pee ss

niko is right our low cost clinic is like $30 for a spay

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Hi. There are contraceptive pills for cats but they are not available everywhere. We know they are available in France and the UK. They need to be prescribed by a vet. One brand is called Ovarid. But it's probably not a good idea to administer such drugs long-term

If you do want to breed your cat, it would probably be better for her long-term health to do it as soon as possible, and then have her spayed. This will reduce the risk of several life-threatening ailments longer-term.

Hope this helps.

3 Cat Blog said...

Ugh. Yes I had one cat that went into heat for a while because I couldn't afford the operation. It's so unpleasant for the cat, not to mention it's annoying for the human as well!

I'd check on places that provide the surgery for a cheaper rate. It's hard on the cat ... and trust me ... it wears on the human's nerves after a while! Not really worth it to let it go on for too long.

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

Thank you guys! I know it sounds silly but I didn't know of the low-cost thing. The place we go to, right behind our house, would be over $100--I think it was more like $200.
I'm definitely not ready to breed her! God no. Not for awhile.
I feel so bad for her---it doesn't bother me. It's actually really cute. She doesn't yowl. She just makes cute noises. But I can tell how unhappy she is.
I will definitely look around!

Fin said...

The yowling will be coming along - any minute now I suspect. Then attention was the last thing I needed, at least not the human kind, if you know what I mean.

Hey what do you write? Mommy is a wanna be paying the bills someday writer too.

Mo said...

I had to go thru several months of Little Isis in heat, not because of the cost but because of some other health issues and weight - the vet wanted the little mite to be 4 pounds before the surgery. It took us a year and a half to get there, believe it or not! :)
She was a HOWLER and YOWLER and I have to say she is MUCH happier now that she has been spayed.
There are lots of low-cost options available, and if you need us fellow cat bloggers to have a Ladygardenectomy Fund Raiser for y'all, just let us know!
Then, in the future, when you want to add another little bit of your own to the family, there will be plenty of kittens to choose from at a shelter and her maternal instincts will still kick in when you bring in the new family member!
Just my thoughts, for whatever they're worth!
Thanks for your comments over at Purrchance To Dream - Petey is flattered by the attention, and says that maybe once he's recovered he can teleport over for a play date!

Cory said...

If you google low cost spay/neuter clinics in your area, they typically have coupons or days of the week they offer low cost surguries. We recently helped rescue a stray boy and we got a coupon for a local vet and the cost was quite low, $60 for everything. If you can't find it by googling, call your local shelter for resources.