Friday, December 26, 2008

what i getted for chrissy mouse!

chrissy mouse is the bestest day ever! santa paws and mommy giveded me so many news toys! i shows you! mommy takeded these bideos and pictures of pretty me before she goed away

mommy iz these for me? i love bows!
my loot! I getted a a new kitty bowl! Its sez cats rule and in shape a crown. and there is a dangly crown for me to hit on the side! and i getted lots of new mice! and a jingly reindeer thing that is really strang looking. and disney princess wrapping paper!!!! i have bestest mommy and santa paws in the world!here i iz, a little stone on catnip. i getted a whole bag and mommy letted me lay on it for a few seconds. then things getted a little funny and i wokeded up ontop of my stocking surrounded by my presents.....weird.

mommy helps me! i no can haz do it myself. i kitty!

i getted red mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my red mice!!!!!!!!!

MY toys!!!!

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Angus Mhor said...

You're so funny, PB! And your Jenny is very good to you. Merry Christmas!