Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i can haz go to new yorks too mommy?

okays mommy! red mouse and i iz ready to goes wiff you to new yorks. i packeded my suitcase all by myselves!

mommy lefted me :( but she sez its very very cold and i no likes there. even wiff all my super pretty furs i bes cold. so i stays here. but she sez i gets to leaves nother posts today to shows you what mommy giveded me for chrissy mouse! a little later after iz naps outside.
oh and mommy giveded me this bideo of my stoopid cuzin kitty maggie in new yorks. mommy sez she is sweet and cuddly and loves cameras. she looks stoopid. and nots as pretty as me.

:( i hopes mommy comes back soon and no more touches maggies. i misses her.


3 Cat Blog said...

Oh, it will be sad but when she comes back there will be lots of snuggles and treats! But getting in the suitcase was a good plan ;)

Anonymous said...

We are sorry your Mom has gone off to New York without you. It is nice that your cousin Maggie gets to visit with your Mom though. Maggie has a very nice purr!