Friday, January 30, 2009

find peanut butter friday part deux!

iz time for another round of
i telled you already in the first round that i iz good hider! mommy no thinks so but i bets you no finds me! i gets lots of practiss cuz the pawpurr-yahtzee flashy box always be stalkin me. and mommy alwayz wants cuddles. so i hides lots.
i shows you pics and you sees if you can sees me. good lucks!
remember to keep tracks so yous can tells me how many y
ou getted!

1. if you haz pawpurr-yahtzee trying to use the flashy box, use something to cover your face immediately. you no wants to get on cover of the Inquirer!

2. hide where humans least expect it. use their surroundings and favorite things as hiding places and they will never suspect! hehe! no finds me here!

3. i cannot stress this enuff--like i sez last time. hides under things then they no finds you cuz is covered up! (another good point here is that you is ready to jumps out and attack if necessary)
4. while you iz hiding, turn on your "night vision laser eyes" then you can sees if they is coming after you!

5. now this one is tough, i know. but i iz there. i iz stressing the point that you always dress the part. the right clothes can provide the perfect cover should the pawpurr-yahtzee tries to gets you.

how many peanut butters did you finded?
0 peanut butters: see? i iz best hider!
1 peanut butters: lucky guess.....
2 peanut butters: did yous practice wiff Where's Waldo first? cuz thaz cheating
3 peanut butters: did mommy tell youz where i iz??
4 peanut butters: you iz liar.
5 peanut butters: wow. what iz you? an international secret kitty spy or somefin? ***
(***if you iz, i may haz secret mission for you! i iz gonna make my own international kitty spies!!)


Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Tee Hee! We go 4 right and that's the honest truth!!!

Tom and Tama-Chan

snowforest said...

It's tuff finding you PB..very tuff..u hidez too well..

Victor Tabbycat said...

You iz good hider, Peanut Butter. Wifout sniffin you out, I suretainly can't find you! The bestest, tho, is when the bean is lookin fur you an you suddenly appear, sittin in the middle of the floor. Mom says I must tellyport.
Victor & Nina

Daisy said...

I got ZERO peanut butters, because you hide too good for me. I might need to borrow Harley's spy gear!

Sweet Praline said...

I got all 5! That's 'cause I am a good hider too and your floof is so similar to my coloring!


me find 2 peanut butterz!! mai mom says ther is more but me don belieeeve herrr. She sa 4 and she is lier!!!! i would love to play hide and seek with u!!

Grrreta said...

I found SIX Peanut Butters again. You are a very good hider, but I'm an even better liar...uh, I mean seeker.

PDX pride said...

We found all five!