Friday, January 16, 2009

find peanut butter friday!

we waz gonna doos fashion friday or family friday buts we sees that tomorrows Photo Hunt theme is hat....and outr fashion friday pic is the bestest pics for that photo hunt!

So instead. we doos
Find Peanut Butter Friday! i iz good hider! mommy no thinks so but i bets you no finds me! i gets lots of practiss cuz the paparazzi flashy box always be stalkin me. and mommy alwayz wants cuddles. so i hides lots.
i shows you pics and you sees if you can sees me. good lucks!
remember to keep tracks so yous can tells me how many you getted!

1. this one is when paparazzi be chasin me round living room and i haz to hide real quick!

2. this time waz challenging cuz i haz to make sure i no makes sounds. sometimes iz noisy
3. this one i use my special camo-flauging fur to disguise me so i blends in and you no sees me

4. sometimes if you is being stalked, you haz to thinks quick and hide behinds whatever you can find! don't be skared. just be like me and paparazii no gets your pretties too!

and finally...

#5. I gives you hints cuz it is a hard one: the best hiding spots are when you can go in something! then you iz all covered up so no one sees yous!!

how many peanut butters did you finded?
0 peanut butters: see? i iz best hider!
1 peanut butters: lucky guess.....
2 peanut butters: did yous practice wiff Where's Waldo first? cuz thaz cheating
3 peanut butters: did mommy tell youz where i iz??
4 peanut butters: you iz liar.
5 peanut butters: wow. what iz you? an international secret kitty spy or somefin?


DEBRA said...

Ooooo I gots 5 peanu butters!!

*woo hoo*


Daisy said...

Well, the 3rd one was very hard on account of the good camouflage. But after I took out my trusty magnifying glass, I found all of you!

Chica & Pumuckl said...

hehehe, those are all great hiding spots. we loved the camouflage curtain best :-)

our mommy said if your mommy needs help with your blog design she can contact her at any time and she'll try to help where she can ;-)

Everycat said...

Five Peanut Butters!

The one with you behind the curtain was difficult - we had to look very hard.

Have a great weekend!


Grrreta said...

I saw SIX Peanut Butters! (Uh-oh, Mommy just grounded me for lying. I don't think that was very nice of her.) We are very impressed by your secret hidey place behind the shower curtain. We hide in our tub behind our shower curtain, but since our curtain is transparent, Mommy usually notices us pretty quickly.

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

i thinkz you all iz liars. i iz too good a hider.
but....if you sez so.
stay tuned....i haz secret for you 5, oops 6--i almost furrgeted Pumuckl!