Friday, December 19, 2008

Head Kitty Chef Peanut Butter takes on Cookie Kitchen

can you tell mommy and i mades cookies today! mommy wanted to makes 12 dozen cookies to gives to her friends. i don't know how many that is but i thinks its hundreds! she said she needed a helper and let me come up on the No-No counter!
mommy sez i waz a great little helper. i sez i was Head Chef, like Tom Collie-liker on mommy's fave show Top Chef!

here i is not a happy Head Chef Kitty. Mommy getted flour all over my pretty hair. i is not amused. she mades it worst when shes put water on it to get it off. i no like my head being wet. and thens, the flour and water made a paste in my pretty hair and messeded it all up! i looked silly for days till i getted it out!but mommy let me sniff the cookies and lick the flour from her hands. and she gived me a treat for being her bestest Head Chef Kitty Helper! and i forgived her.
Next week on Top Chef Kitty, Head Chef Peanut Butter shows off her culinary skills with grilled cheese and soup! But will a cat fight ensue in the kitchen when Human Jenny tries to be Head Chef? Stay tuned!


3 Cat Blog said...

Oh you're are very special! And your paw prints in flour is very pretty ... did you make those all over the house? lol

Fisher said...

This is so entertaining! A Kitty Chef is a remarkable thing to be. Have a great flourful holiday!
Your friend, Fisher

Daisy said...

We love Top Chef! I think sometimes even those chefs get flour in their hair.