Friday, February 6, 2009

fighting over fashion Friday

Fashion Friday in the house of Peanut Butter n Jenny:

i iz trying to find perfect accessories to go to Fagin's purr-day party. i iz a little worried my black bag no goes wiff my brown floofs and furs. but then i hears now it is fashion-ubble to mixes black wiff brown..... plus i haz grey floofs too.... what do you thinks? can i pulls it off?

what mommy?

Bunny, that's my bag. I was going to use it when I go to the movies later.

NO! IS MY BAG! you no can haz! (and i no iz a bunny!)

Peanut Butter, No bites! Play nice or No purr-day party! And no Red Mouse.
(Let's just say, this did not go well..... PB does not respond well to threats or the word no.....)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

thirteen things i dood yesterday

thirteen FIFTEEN things i dood yesterday (i dood a lot!)

1. i getted new bloggie! mommy made it all pretties for the day of love!
2. i had my first Big Kitty meow! mommy sez i normally make "ferret noises" and little cries but today i sez MEEEOOOOWWWW!
3. i losed red mouse FOUR TIMES!
4. i made mommy get red mouse four times....then she said no more.
5. i spend rest of day trying to makes her change her mind
6. i cuddled wiff mommy while she taked nappy. i thinks she getted sus-fish-us cuz i no doos that lots.
7. i sitted wiff her at the table and kept her company while she worked
8. i letted her pet me and picks me up. again...i think she suspects what i iz doing.
9. i tries WHAPWHAPWHAP her till she gets it but that did not make her happy.
10. i pretends i no is mad--i no cares anymore:

11. i looked super cute so mommy gives me bite of her brownie.
12. she sez no so i just steals it anyway.

13. i ran and hid in the closet when mommy tried to use the Floof Stealer cuz i had 'nother dingleberry today (i iz very embarassed by this....)
14. i getted yummy stinky goodness and i helps mommy makes her dinner so she sees i iz good Top Chef kitty and will gives me a bite!
15. i sitted very quiet and stared at her wiff my laser eyes till she getted me red mouse again.

then i losed her again.....
now i go take nap cuz that remembering all that made me sleepies!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WW: i heart shiny things!

mommy FINALLY taked down the chrissy-mouse tree today. she haz been very very busy and no had time. i helped!
but now i has no pretty tree to hide under and no pretty twinkles!
i loves shiny objects!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm going to Dizzy World!

one of mommy's friends sended her this video and she fell off the couch laughing. then she sez to me "peanut butter, the steelers just won the super bowl, what are you going to do next? Go to Dizzy World!" and she laughed more. she is silly

this is dizzy world! doesn't it looks like the bestest kitty amusement park ever!!! i wantz to goes! who's coming wiff me?

here is the link where I got it: Kitty Amusement Park

Monday, February 2, 2009

iz a Doozy!

so i iz all alone today. mommy goed to a par-tay and no taked me. even though i haz pretty party dresses!
mommy dood something today called The Doozies for her other blog (the one wiffout pretty me in it) where she picked her favorite Super Bowl commercials (i still no nose what iz this super bowl. i no getted big bowl of food yesterday....)

she sez i gets to pick my own Doozy of a Commercial and shows you!
iz tough. i love the horsey ones. and those talking babies sure makes me laugh. And there was a talking orange cat wiff birdies!!!!
but i thinks my fave is:
Pedigree: Crazy Pets!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

easy like Super Bowl Sunday!

happy super bowl day! so far i no gets new food bowl but i iz hoping.....

so mommy's friend sended her these pics wiff kitties all dressed up for the super bowl thingy. so i shows you.

mommy also thought it would be funny to put me in the photos.
i waz not amused.

nor was thiz kitties

haz fun wiff the big game! i can'ts waits for the commercials! i loves those clydesdales ones.
if yous likes football, mommy doos live updates on her other site today! or if you no nose football, she maked girl's guide to football 2.