Friday, May 1, 2009

iz my Purr-day!!!!!!

happy purrday to me! i iz TWO!

we thinked it be fun to show you some pictures of me growing up to be a big girl kitty!

mommy says i iz big kitty now but she still calls me "Lil Cat" cuz i was so lil when she first getted me. and the bailey monster was "big cat" See:

iz been bestest day ever! i getted tempt-tay-shuns at middle-of-night when i turned TWO! and then i getted a new toy filled wiff nip. and mommy and i had playtime wiff my favorite dangly toy--Mr. Pony.

i feeled so loved that i stayed wiff mommy all night while she worked!
and gets even better cuz she goed to concert to see David Cook and iz leaving me all alone to play tonight! she gived me red mouse and left the lanai door open so i cans go sit outside! and she no touchy me! yay!!!

more tomorrow!!!!