Saturday, January 24, 2009

photo hunt: chipped

first i haz to polo-gize for not coming to sees ev-furry-buddies lots. mommy gets very busy this week and no lets me play! don't worry, i bited her feets lots to show her i no happy!

at first when mommy heared this week's photo hunt was "chipped" she said she was purr-pleh-X. (i haz no idea what that iz). she haz no ideas how to show you i iz chipped cuz i iz good (and very pretty) kitty and no breaks stuff.

so i helps her get un-purr-pleh-x. i getted a bag of chippies and told her to get the flashy box ready--i gonna show her how i gets chipped

mommy, what is in here anyway?
aaah yeah, that's the good stuff! almost as good as the nip!

see? i getted chipped! hahhaa i cracks myself up!

i am so off for a nap now.....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

haz you seen this mousie?

i iz haz bad week. my floofs getted stolen, i iz in heats, and Red Mouse goed missing again. mommy getted her for me the other day. she goed under the couch again---i no nose why she hides like that! mommy getted her and i iz so happies! and we plays lots. i throws her round the whole house! and cuddles her lots cuz i misses her!

and then POOF she hided again.

mommy looks all over. she crawled round lots. under stove and fridge, under couch one and two. under t.v. under chrissy-mouse tree she no takes down yet. upstairs in the office and under her bed. even outside on the lay-down-nai! and no red mouse!

i iz 'fraid she runned away. so if yous sees her please brings her back! i misses her.
i sets up a hotline number and mommy sez its a-nanny-mess. whatever that is. you just comes gives me tips on where she is. 1-800-where-iz-my-red-mouse-goed. or you cans leaves me comments on the bloggie.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WW: Disgruntled Postal-Worker-Kitty

Wordless Wednesday!
oops. i forgetted the stamp. now i just licking myself.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

calling all our furry friends: We need advice

Hey everyone, actually need some advice! We already did our post for the day but I needed to pick everyone's brain.
Peanut Butter is in heat!
I have not gotten her fixed yet because she is an indoor (lanai excluded!) cat and I think I'd like her to have kittens in the future. She really isn't big on other animals so I think the only way I could add would be if she made her own. Ha, even then, I'm not so sure....

Please no one yell at me for that! Even if I decided today no more kitties, I really can't afford the vet visit. She's lucky she still gets wet food. A brand new freelance writer does not make very much money!

So my question is, what can I do to ease her discomfort? Any tricks or food or something that would be soothing to her? This is the one time when she is a big cuddle muffin and wants me to hold her and touch her so I do that a lot.

Any feedback would be a big help! (but not if you are scolding me! I'm already having a bad day)
We both thank you!

tummy tuesday when i had floofs

iz tummy tuesday. i iz still upsets over yesterday's fiasco wiff mean mommy and the evil floof-stealer.
luckily i finded this picture of my tummy taken the night before mommy stealed my floofs and i iz still all pretties

Monday, January 19, 2009

mean mommy monday

i no iz haz good day.
first, mommy tells me she no can helps me do my post for today! i no gets to come sees all of my furry friends!!! she haz too much workies to do for her real works (mommy doos Stiletto Sports) and we comes sees ev-furry-ones later. mean mommy.

then she says she no looks for red mouse cuz she getted her for me yesterday. now i loses her again. mean mommy.

then, i iz sleepies while she workies and she starts using flashy box on me! mean mommy.
i waz NOT amused.

and then....*huff*........
she taked my floofs!!!!
mommy taked out the evil Furiminator (aka the evil floof-take-awayer) and stealed my floofs!

please no ones looks. i iz too embarassed.

From Jenny: I figure most people already know about this but just in case, I had to share! Because every time I use the FURminator deShedding Tool I am seriously, so amazed! It gets sooo much fur off of PB. And when the Bailey Monster was here....forget it! We used to fill up a whole bag of floof!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

what i likes about sundays....

sundays iz the bestest day at my house. now that mommy works at home i gets to haz sundays every day! this is what we doos:
mommy gets me up. i never likes that part. then we goes downstairs and mommy makes coffee. if it is nice day she opens window so i go on lay-down-nai and check things out. make sure there are no birds or lizards that needs chasing (like last Sunday's post!)!

then we get down to busy-ness! Mommy drinkies her coffee, eats her cereal and reads the newsie paper. i sitz wiff her cuz mommy gives me my own cup of "kitty coffee!"

my fave part of sundays is reading Daisy's Comics but i haz to waits till mommy is ready. so mommy getted me my own newsie paper called "pet pages" to reads while i waits! now i can keeps on tops of all the important stuff in the pet world and tells her bouts it!
this week i learned all about fishies and how to take care of them cuz i hoping mommy will gets me one to eat play wiff.

then comes best part when mommy iz sone wiff her break-fest, we checks Daisy's Comics and then:
gosh, that was a busy morning! *yawn* i thinks...*stretch* i better..... *eye blinkies* Um... *wobbles* Hmm... *eye blinkies again* maybe i go takes a nap...

From Jenny: Just wanted to tell you that all pictures were actually taken today Sunday, January 18, 2009 in the order that they actually happened. It was so funny to watch her! And a big thanks to Paul the electrician/handyman that brought us the Pet Pages yesterday cuz PB really did like it and it's full of great stuff!
Happy Sunday Funday everyone!