Monday, August 24, 2009

a special word from mommy

hi all my furry buddies! i no gets to write today cuz mommy said she wants to axes you all somefin bout me. she no tells me what is iz. i thinks she is plans a supurrrrise parties for me!!!! i no thinks iz my purr-day again cuz i just has one. mommy's purrday is this week. maybe she is throwing me a party for her purrday!!!

or maybe its a very special Princess Pretty Floofy party cuz i iz pretty and floofy.....

you tells her i wants her to invites all of yous. And my boyfriend Oscar. And i likes lots of red mouses. And i want a big chick-hen all for me. and a catnip cake!

from jenny:

sadly no.... no party..... just want some advice and I know what PB would say: "gimme more chick-hen!!!! and more stinky goodness!"

I noticed PB is eating twice as much dry food per day as she used to. I've been giving her the same amount for months now and it always lasts two days before refilling. Now she's hoovering it in a day.

And she has been driving me crazy about wanting more wet food. She always gets half a can and she has been begging for more.

She was fixed back in the beginning of June but the new eating started about a week or two ago. Otherwise everything is good.

Any thoughts? I just want to make sure it isn't anything serious. One site suggested it could be that she is bored ----and since she does keep knocking all of her toys underneath immovable objects (ie the stove....) that could very well be!

Thank you for any suggestions! I'm going away at end of the week for 2 ngiths and don't want to be freaking out worried about her!