Saturday, January 17, 2009

Caturday Photo Hunt: Hat!

i iz very excites abouts thiz! i callz its: two Cats (and a mommy) in a Hat
first i getted worries when mommy telled me the theme iz "hat" cuz i thinks she going to dress me up and use the flashy box. but i telled her we already haz hat pictures!!!

they is from that day last year when eve-furry-thing is green. and mommy & auntie carrie drinkies lots and comes home all silly and dresses me and the Bailey Monster up.
i thinkz iz call saint catty day or somefin.
First I shows you the Bailey Monster:
then i shows you me. but i no iz stoopid like Bailey Monster. i makes mommy wears the hat. but i likes the pretty feather thingy. i thinks it brings out my eyes and my pretties, don't you?
now i shows you what happens when mommy drinkies too much on saint catty day:

"No man, it's cool. Bring your green hat!" ~Old School.

Friday, January 16, 2009

find peanut butter friday!

we waz gonna doos fashion friday or family friday buts we sees that tomorrows Photo Hunt theme is hat....and outr fashion friday pic is the bestest pics for that photo hunt!

So instead. we doos
Find Peanut Butter Friday! i iz good hider! mommy no thinks so but i bets you no finds me! i gets lots of practiss cuz the paparazzi flashy box always be stalkin me. and mommy alwayz wants cuddles. so i hides lots.
i shows you pics and you sees if you can sees me. good lucks!
remember to keep tracks so yous can tells me how many you getted!

1. this one is when paparazzi be chasin me round living room and i haz to hide real quick!

2. this time waz challenging cuz i haz to make sure i no makes sounds. sometimes iz noisy
3. this one i use my special camo-flauging fur to disguise me so i blends in and you no sees me

4. sometimes if you is being stalked, you haz to thinks quick and hide behinds whatever you can find! don't be skared. just be like me and paparazii no gets your pretties too!

and finally...

#5. I gives you hints cuz it is a hard one: the best hiding spots are when you can go in something! then you iz all covered up so no one sees yous!!

how many peanut butters did you finded?
0 peanut butters: see? i iz best hider!
1 peanut butters: lucky guess.....
2 peanut butters: did yous practice wiff Where's Waldo first? cuz thaz cheating
3 peanut butters: did mommy tell youz where i iz??
4 peanut butters: you iz liar.
5 peanut butters: wow. what iz you? an international secret kitty spy or somefin?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

thankful thursday part II

We just wanted to send another special Thankful Thursday today because of theU.S. Airways plane that went down in the Hudson River. It is a miracle that everyone got off the plane and will be okay. Truly amazing story that could have been a tragic disaster.

And to all the people in NYC & NJ that saw it happening and must have had their hearts in their throats.

There just aren't words to express how thankful we are. God bless you all

i iz thankful i iz pretties

mommy taked 77 pictures of me wiff the new flashy box! 77! i can't even counts that many (see my maff lesson from Sat if you no believes me) But i thinks it comes after 10. And thaz a lot! And all in one day!

i iz very worried the flashy box is stealin' my pretties cuz mommy showed me what was in the flashy box and look what it taked!

look at all my pretties it taked!

it even getted my floofy pretty tail!

so then i tries to get smarter than flashy box. i tries to sit very stills so it iz tricked and thinks i iz statue and not a pretty kitty...

but the flashy box was not fooled and it taked more pretties!

So then i tries hiding. the old flashy box no taked pictures of me in my hiding spots cuz iz too dark there...

but this flashy box finded me and look at these pretties it getted!

i iz very worried there will be no more pretties left soon if it keeps taking. i iz worried mommy catch on if i breaks this one too...anyone knows how to make a flashy box disappear?

from jenny: My thankful Thursday is that I am not sick anymore! Yay! And PB took good care of me. She loved the sleeping for hours at a time part!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daisy is still #1 in our book too!

I don't care what the "official results" say, Daisy is the Best Pet Blog for me! Yay, Daisy!

Thanks, Skeezix for the graphic that we got from Sweet Praline!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Easy like Sunday Morning in Furry-duh

lazy Sunday here in sunny furry-duh. Just chillin. Getting ready to read me some Daisy Comics. Watching the ants. Snoopin for lizards. Talking to some birds.
mom sez i is being borin. but check it, she is wack. i just chillaxin'

maybe after some sleepies i may do something worthy of a sunday funday post too....

not sure where this new personality came from but I think we'll add it to her others...ghetto fab maybe?