Saturday, December 27, 2008

mommy's presents!

i showeded you whats i getted from santa paws but i forgetted to show youz what i getted mommy! I wrappeded it myself. well, me & red mouse did! itz pretty dontcha think? i putted lots of bows. i like bows.
i getted mommy Dewey! cuz she wanted it and said she's read its to me! i prettier than dewey but i like stories!

Friday, December 26, 2008

what i getted for chrissy mouse!

chrissy mouse is the bestest day ever! santa paws and mommy giveded me so many news toys! i shows you! mommy takeded these bideos and pictures of pretty me before she goed away

mommy iz these for me? i love bows!
my loot! I getted a a new kitty bowl! Its sez cats rule and in shape a crown. and there is a dangly crown for me to hit on the side! and i getted lots of new mice! and a jingly reindeer thing that is really strang looking. and disney princess wrapping paper!!!! i have bestest mommy and santa paws in the world!here i iz, a little stone on catnip. i getted a whole bag and mommy letted me lay on it for a few seconds. then things getted a little funny and i wokeded up ontop of my stocking surrounded by my presents.....weird.

mommy helps me! i no can haz do it myself. i kitty!

i getted red mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my red mice!!!!!!!!!

MY toys!!!!

A little too much Christmas cheer!

Someone over did it a little on the Christmas partying and nog!
Death by red mouse! But what a way to go!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry f'in Christmas. Now get this stupid hat off of me before I kill you.

Peanut Butter! Be nice! Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful day with your friends and family!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

But the fire is so delightful!

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

santa paws, i good. i gives you this. you gives red mouse. oh and cookies iz from mommy. she sez thaz you likes them. i gives milks and my faves food. thanks yous

'Twas the Night before Christmas
And all through Jenny's House
Not a creature was stirring
Not even Red Mouse
The stocking were hung
by the laundry room with care
with hope that Mommy soon would be there
Peanut was snuggled all warm in her bed
With visions of red mouse dancing in her head
With Mommy away in New York having a night cap
Peanut settled in for a long winter's nap
When out on the lanai there rose such a clatter
Peanut sprang from Jenny's bed to see what's the matter
Away to the window she flew like a flash
Though the blinds and outside she dashed
When what to her wondering eyes should appear
A glorious sight to overcome her fear
For outside, waiting for her lay
Seven new red mice, one for each day!
Off to bed she took her new toys
overcome with merriment and bursting with joy
And as she lay back down and turned out the lights
she thought, Merry Christmas to all
And to all a GREAT night!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i getted my first awardz!!!

i happiest kitty ever. i getted chrissymouse presentz early and i getted my first awardz all in same day! Thanks you so so so so so so so so so much Skitto, Peanut (that's my name too!!) and Chyanne! for the bestest awards evefur! Later i gives pics of all my news presentz! now i nots sure if i gets all the awards or just one but i like presentz so i takez all of dem and gives to my furry friends. So what we's going to do is gives them to our favorite bloggies! the only rules is yous say "i getted this award from PB&J" or somsings like dat and link back to me. then's you pass if forward to your favorite bloggies! and just in time for the season of giving and chrissymouse!
i gives to....
grr, midnight & cocoa cuz grr makes me happy
3 cats blog: cuz i loves the snow on their page!
Left Behind: cuz it is mommy's favorite bloggie and makes her feel better in this sad time for her
daisy: because we watcheded her bideos yesterday and they is soooo funny!
gretchen cuz she & mike looks really cold!
i gives out to more after chrissymouse but right now i go playz with my new toys
oh yeah...
and to Mommy because she giveded me be the bestest presents and lots of kisses before she goed. and she madeded this page for me!

i can haz go to new yorks too mommy?

okays mommy! red mouse and i iz ready to goes wiff you to new yorks. i packeded my suitcase all by myselves!

mommy lefted me :( but she sez its very very cold and i no likes there. even wiff all my super pretty furs i bes cold. so i stays here. but she sez i gets to leaves nother posts today to shows you what mommy giveded me for chrissy mouse! a little later after iz naps outside.
oh and mommy giveded me this bideo of my stoopid cuzin kitty maggie in new yorks. mommy sez she is sweet and cuddly and loves cameras. she looks stoopid. and nots as pretty as me.

:( i hopes mommy comes back soon and no more touches maggies. i misses her.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Case of the Mondays :(

ok who telleded mommy it ok to put dresses on me! i bites you

i looks stoopid. why yous all dresses up and shows pics to mommy so she getted idea to put this stoopid thing on me. i no care if chrissymouse and santa paws bringdid me more red mice if i haffs to wear this dress! i pretty enuff!
i not happy kitty.
but i still loves my mommy!
have a purrfect monday!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Over the country and through the snow, to grandfather's house we go!

Mommy is packing to go to New York for santa paws. She says this time I don't gets to go wiff her. I think it's cuz last time we flew I gette scared when the plane hit the ground and I peed in my carrier. But Mommy said no, it's just because it's really cold and snowy there now, not like last time I getted to go. And this time there is another kitty named Maggie there. I don't like the cold or other kitties. But I hate when Mommy leaves me. Maybe I can sneak into her suitcase....

sorry we didn't visit yesterday!

we is sorry we didn't come visits yesterday....
mommy haz very bad day. she crieded a lot. so i takeded lots of time to cuddle her and tries to makes her smile. she having rough time and missing lots of people right now but don't worries! she still haz me and i'z being my bestest to make her better!